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Corporate Identy, Advertising, Collateral Materials, and Website Design
Corporate Identity, Advertising, Marketing Materials, and Website Design

Every company or organization requires supporting materials to support their endeavors. In years past, much was ink on paper; a lot of it now lives in the digital realm. No matter the form in which it finally appears, each successful piece has a designer behind it.

We've been behind a long list of collateral materials for our clients: brochures, booklets, direct response pieces, sales sheets, trade show graphics, reports, newsletters and posters. Sometimes we work with an existing corporate identity or brand, at other times it's with what's there. Whichever way it is, we maintain the consistency of our clients' voices while making sure the information hits home.

1. Sales sheet for BioTrove's OpenArray OAsis robotic loading station
2. Brochure for the Concord Free Public Library (MA)
3. Corporate brochure for Tasking
4. Trade show panel for Medical Device Consultants
5. The Balanced Scorecard Report, a 16-page, bi-monthly publication


BioTrove, Concord Free Public Library, Tasking, MDCI, Balanced Scorecard Report: collateral materials designed by Levers Advertising & Design

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